Alcohol Policies

Alcohol in party rooms/fansuites

In order to remain in accordance to the Fargo city ordinances, Digital Grail convent’s Party Rooms/Fan Suites won’t be allowed to sell alcohol for money, nor trade it for cups, stickers, etc.

Hotel Specific Policies regarding Alcohol

Holiday Inn: The Holiday Inn does not consent and asks that no open containers are taken outside.
Ramada: Open containers are allowed to be taken outside.

The following are current Fargo city ordinances

Alcohol Sales

5-02-07.1: Sale of alcoholic beverages in exchange for goods prohibited. Any licensee engaged in the retail sale of alcoholic beverages who accepts goods, chattels, or other tangible personal property, other than money, checks, legal tender, negotiable instruments, or other evidences of debt, in exchange for any alcoholic beverages is guilty of a class B Misdemeanor.

Open Containers

25-1509: It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or consume any alcoholic beverage in any automobile, or upon any street, alley or public highway, including any public sidewalk or boulevard, or on any private property without consent of the owner or occupant within the city of Fargo. It shall further be unlawful for any person to possess any bottle or receptacle containing any alcoholic beverage which has been opened or the contents of which have been partially consumed.