Weapons Policy


  • The Convention means any Digital Grail convention.

In the interest of preserving the safety and security of everyone enjoying Digital Grail Conventions, attendees should be aware of our weapons policy and follow these guidelines. Those who ignore or disregard these regulations may have their convention badges and registration revoked without refund from The Convention.
The Convention and Digital Grail reserve the right to amend these policies without prior notice and any ruling made by The Convention or Digital Grail is final.

  • No weapons or props that fire a projectile or fluid are allowed
  • No live ammunition is allowed
  • Realistic-looking firearms must be holstered, peacebound, and cannot be un-holstered under any circumstances
  • Non-realistic firearms must be holstered and peacebound if possible
  • Non-realistic firearms that cannot be holstered may never be pointed at any attendee under any circumstances
  • Any weapon that cannot be peace-bound is not allowed¬†
  • Weapons and props with blades must be sheathed, peace-bound, and may not be unsheathed under any circumstances
  • While North Dakota law allowed concealed carry of firearms without a permit effective August 1st, 2017, Digital Grail insists that no concealed carry weapons are allowed, even with a concealed weapon permit. Failure to follow Digital Grail Conventions policy can/will result in badge revocation and you will be asked to leave. Please store any firearms in your vehicle or in your hotel room.¬†
  • Costumes that bear similarity to actual law enforcement or military uniforms will be allowed to incorporate realistic firearms only during costuming events that specifically allow them. At no other time are realistic firearms allowed to accompany costumes that bear similarity to actual law enforcement or military uniforms.


  • Projectile weapons: Any prop or firearm that projects or expels a solid, liquid, gas or energy (including laser light) is considered a projectile weapon. Projectile weapons are not allowed.
  • Peace-bond: A peace-bound weapon is tied to its holster, sheath, or similar container with a functional binding. This prevents anyone else from drawing your weapon and displays in a traditional manner that you are a responsible attendee. Peace-bond material will be available at The Convention’s Ops throughout the convention.
  • Marking: Non-realistic firearms and bladed props and weapons that cannot be sheathed (bat’leth, halberd, etc.) will have peace-bond material tied to it as a visible sign that it’s been approved by The Convention’s security. Peace-bond material will be available at The Convention’s Ops throughout the convention.

Exception:  On-duty law enforcement personnel are exempt from Digital Grail’s Weapons Policy.