August 2023 Meeting Minutes

2023 Q3

DG Agenda – Third Quarter 2023 Meeting

  1. Call to Order – 13:38
  2. Roll Call – Adam, Cassy, Olivia, Troy, Celton, Lisa, Rose, Alec
  3. Minutes Approval – Approved
  4. Treasurer’s Report –
    1. Accounting software update
      1. Looked at different types of accounting software. Looked at both cheaper and expensive options. 
      2. Landed on Wave, it’s free except by upselling service Digital Grail will most likely not use.
      3. Adam has got it set up and has four entities in it, one for each con and one for Digital Grail.
      4. It is currently hooked up to US Bank, we just need to organize things as they come in.
      5. Adam will try to get roughly a year or so in Wave to look into transactions.
      6. Each Con can categorize how they want without messing up the other cons categorization. 
  5. Old Business
    1. Policy review
      1. Will need to wait for Taylor at the next meeting for anything major
      2. Rose has worked on more extensive policy, as they are HR and written many policy books
      3. Rose wrote up a “Staff Handbook” Code of Ethics, About Us, etc. and sent it to Anime Fargo for review.
      4. Has a definition section, what is expected, equal opportunity, diversity, safety, alcohol and drug policy, how we expect staff to act, access to bylaws. 
      5. Staff benefits, staff suspension, punishments, etc. are also written out. Gross misconduct is outlined. 
      6. Create an Internal Relations position to maintain the handbook as well as help solve disputes between staff members. At the DG level if possible to maintain the handbook and be able to help with any con.
    2. Ops/Security restructure
      1. Postponed to Q4 due to lack of Glenn and Taylor attending
  6. New Business
    1. Subcommittee procedure proposal
      1. Adam was thinking of ways of formalizing some things to bring them out of the meetings and bringing things into the meeting formally.
      2. Suggesting we make subcommittees so ideas can be polished, refined, researched, etc before bringing them to the board.
      3. Could include at least a board member to supervise/oversee etc, and then contain anyone else a part of the cons. 
      4. Allows people with expertise to come in and provide insight and feedback, and allows the Board to focus on other things without eating up a lot of time.
    2. Winter Gala
      1. Celton, we have the winter party but will turning it over to Lisa.
      2. Idea since 2019, wants to do more events that makes us seem more formal as a 501c. Want to show off con to the community, takes like 30-60 minutes, invite sponsors, potluck style still, make it more official. 
      3. Subcommittee call: Celton (Board Member), Lisa
      4. Bring back to cons and ask who can help.
      5. Could help with resumes on Linkedin
      6. Will make new Discord Roles and Channels when necessary for Subcommittees
    3. Banks
      1. Looking into different banks other than US Bank. 
      2. Will look into Gate City, Wells Fargo, Bell, First Community
  7. Open Floor
  8. Adjournment – 14:20

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