February 2024 Meeting Minutes

DG Agenda – First Quarter 2024 Meeting

  1. Call to Order – February 25th, 2024 at 14:09
  2. Roll Call –
    1. Board Members – Celton, Adam, Glenn, Olivia, Taylor, Cassy, Vuke
    2. Non-Board Members – Stan, Erica, AJ, Alec, Emi, Lisa, Erica, Chris, Rose, Stacy
  3. Minutes Approval – Approved
  4. Treasurer’s Report –
    1. General Updates
      1. No significant movement on the accounts minus some CoreCon pre-reg
      2. Will need final numbers for tax purposes
  5. Old Business
    1. Code of Conduct
      1. No comments have been added or made since July
      2. Taylor will prepare a finalized version for the next meeting
  6. New Business
    1. Elections
      1. Taylor and Troy are up for election, and both wish to retain their seats
      2. Lisa has been nominated and accepted
      3. Ranked Voting
        1. Taylor
          1. Has been a head of Anime Fargo, has run Guests, wants to see the cons grow.
          2. Pushing the Code of Conduct to assist with setting a standard, emails have been finicky and wants to improve the email system
        2. Troy
          1. Cassy speaking on behalf of Troy: 
          2. Founding member of Digital Grail and CoreCon. 
        3. Lisa
          1. A part of Anime Fargo for about 7 years, is currently a  head of Anime Fargo, pitched and made the Winter Gala event, and wants to utilize Digital Grail. 
          2. Schedule the meetings more in advance, times posted for meetings, and make Digital Grail more known to all the cons.
      4. Voting Link
      5. Lisa and Taylor are voted in as the board members of Digital Grail
      6. Troy Bloemker and Chris McEwen: Chris McEwen are to have their access kept, the names will be decided later.
    2. Board Member
      1. Need to fill out documentation for North Dakota 
      2. Olivia to step down as CoreCon Rep and Secretary
      3. Roles:
        1. Cassy to remain as President
        2. Taylor to remain as Vice President
        3. Adam to remain as Treasurer
        4. Lisa to become Secretary
  7. Open Floor
  8. Adjournment –  February 25th, 2024 at 14:54

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