November 2023 Meeting Minutes

DG Agenda – Fourth Quarter 2023 Meeting

  1. Call to Order – November 12th, 2023 at 16:06
  2. Roll Call –
    1. Board Members: Cassy, Adam, Celton, Olivia, Vuke, Troy, Taylor
    2. Non-Board Members: Meg, Rose, Lisa, Alec, Emi, Stacy, AJ
  3. Minutes Approval – Approved
  4. Treasurer’s Report –
    1. Overall status
      1. Gamefest may need “loans” from other Cons to assist with running this year
      2. President or VP will assist with re-paying Digital Grail due to issues with cards from Treasurer
      3. Meet with Jon to get Wave for CoreCon
    2. Anime Fargo status
      1. Have invoice from hotel, will be paid after being reviewed due to previous issues in the past.
      2. Con broke roughly even
    3. CoreCon status
      1. Oversight on Corecon and Hotel side, the invoice has been reviewed and will be paid.
      2. Pending, will be paid by end of year
  5. Old Business
    1. Code of Conduct
      1. Has been updated with changes and should be reviewed by the board
      2. Next meeting or meeting after for compliance policy roll in and have it approved/prepped for full vote
  6. New Business
    1. Anime Fargo Lead updates
      1. Adam, Lisa, and Rose are the heads for this coming Anime Fargo year
    2. CoreCon Lead updates
      1. CoreCon has dropped to a Five Consul system
      2. Cassy, Olivia, Glenn, Jenny, and Tyler are the heads for this coming year for CoreCon
    3. Conflict of interest processes for guests and vendors
      1. If there are any kind of guests, vendors, artists, etc, if there is any conflict of interest it should be documented and brought up to the board to make sure all bases are covered
      2. Example is for Anime Fargo, the vendor heads have their own table and would be better to have a paper trail just in case for auditing purposes
    4. Compliance/Policy Subcommittee proposal
      1. Formal subcommittee for drafting up policies and forms
      2. Will help with forms of dismissal, conflicts of interests, ban and ban appeal processes
      3. Adam to be sponsor, Taylor seconded.
      4. Subcommittee motion has passed
    5. Winter Gala Subcommittee updates
      1. Meeting was held on Nov 5
      2. Gala will be held hopefully at Dakota Medical Foundation on December 17th
      3. Budget range
      4. Gift or trinket to be given away to convention staff
      5. Gala budget breakdown and meeting notes 11/5/23 Winter Gala Meeting Minutes
      6. Budget is approved barring Treasurer Vote from CoreCon
    6. Preparation for tax season and ending of the fiscal year
      1. Adam will look into rolling average and investigate for best way to file
    7. DG Lawyer contact information
      1. May need to look into getting a new lawyer/contact for lawyer
      2. Cassy may know a lawyer Digital Grail can hire
    8. Tech Update
      1. Anime Fargo has decided to go the route of individual users and using Google Group Shared Inboxes as delegated emails had problems
      2. Look into permissions to give to heads as heads have certain perms
      3. CoreCon has started the route of individual users
      4. Delegated emails do not work yet on mobile
  7. Open Floor
    1. Meg (Karaoke)
      1. Meg would like to borrow the karaoke equipment for other fundraising event, will need to investigate
  8. Adjournment – November 12th, 2023 at 17:07

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