May 2022 Meeting Minutes

DG Agenda – Second Quarter 2022 Meeting

  1. Call to Order – 1:03pm
  2. Roll Call: Vuke, Troy, Cassy, Taylor, Kris, Stan, Jeremy, Stay
  3. Minutes Approval
  4. Treasurer’s Report – no Digital Grail Account, Stan will, look into adding an additional account for next quarter. 
  5. Old Business – None
  6. New Business
    1. Secretary Position is Open, any nominations
    2. Storage Unit – Will be getting a Storage Unit after Fargo CoreCon, recommendation for a climate control unit. 
      1. AF is in favor of a storage climate control 
      2. estimate $3400/year to store ALL items in a storage unit. 
        1. Larger size to allow for expansion of inventory. 
        2. Cost is combined, not per convention
        3. Ideally Logistics for each convention, and each con have one key each convention.
    3. PO BOX Key – President should have – Troy to get to Cassy 
    4. ND FirstStop filed on 1/24/2022 and Federal 990-N (e-postcard) filed 4/29/22 
    5. FGF Hotel will be willing allowing for the deposit to roll forward to 2023. 
  7. Adjournment – 1:20pm

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