October 2022 Meeting Minutes

DG Agenda – Third Quarter 2022 Meeting

  1. Call to Order – 2:36pm
  2. Roll Call: Cassy, Taylor, Celton, Troy, Vuke, Kris, Stacy, Jeremy, Stan Non-Board – Brian, Glenn, Erica, Adam  
  3. Minutes Approval – approved as written
  4. Treasurer’s Report – AF is in the black, recouped all funds from COVID years
  5. Old Business 
    1. Secretary Position Open – 
  6. New Business
    1. Secretary Position is Open
    2. Update on Website (Taylor)
      1. Proposed Mission Statement
      2. Proposed Vision Statement
      3. Core Values – do we want to compile?
      4. Harassment Policy
      5. Add bylaws to website
    3. AF – how did it go?
      1. Short staff, stressful, raised the weekend at the door price, numbers were good, 1050 attendee number, charity auction over $2300 – Community Uplift Program, vendors down
    4. Annual elections- Stan will not be going up for reelection, Stacy – not seeking reelection 
    5. Concerning Email – Next steps
      1. Special Needs rates across all cons
      2. Proactive outreach to facilities
      3. Cassy will work directly with email submitter on next steps 
    6. Starting a Digital Grail Twitter, and LinkedIn 
    7. Purchases for random items at Costco 
      1. Tax exempt status
      2. Approved moving forward with a DG Costco membership 
  7. Adjournment –  3:51pm 

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