February 2023 Meeting Minutes

2023 Q1

DG Agenda – First Quarter 2023 Meeting

  1. Call to Order – 3:07pm
  2. Roll Call – Cassy, Taylor, Troy, Vuke, Stacy, Stan, Celton Non-board member Lisa, Erica M, Dave M, Glenn M, Olivia, Adam  
  3. Minutes Approval – Approved
  4. Treasurer’s Report – AF fargo has a budget hammered out – 
  5. Old Business
    1. Secretary Position Open 
  6. New Business
    1. Review and vote on bylaw change – ban process
      1. Motion carries 
    2. Twitter – CoreCon will not be using the platform given the current situation.
      1. AF is utilizing and past guests are active and interacting – will have further discussions as a convention
    3. AI – united stance
      1. AF is also taking a similar stance 
    4. Vote for open position
      1. Glenn, Jenny, Alec, Adam
    5. Rep from each convention
      1. CC – Dave M
      2. AF – Celton
      3. FGF – Jeremy 
    6. 2023 Meeting Cadence – pend until elections are final
    7. Update Bylaw to three year term in article III
      1. Motion carries  
    8. State documentation has been completed for 2023
      1. All board members will need to provide their name and address for legal purposes
    9. Open Floor
      1. Costco – no benefit for a 501c3 – business and personal
        1. Business is for reselling items 
        2. There is a once per year benefit once per year file to request $100 Grant once per year – financial year in September 
      2. CPA research – trying to get one for pro-bono
        1. Common accounting system for all cons
        2. Charge with the new treasure – work with Troy and opening a DG 
        3. DG Treasure work closely with con treasures
  7. Adjournment – 4:44pm 

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